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While we are unable to provide individualized technical support to help you create your video, the following possible approaches can be used:

  • Easiest and Recommended: Record your presentation on your computer using Zoom. To do so, create a Zoom meeting, then use the share screen feature to share your own presentation and present your own work while recording your own voice. Afterwards, download your video, then check the file’s compatibility with the requirements stated above in terms of file format, size, aspect ratio, etc. 

  • For iPad users, apps such as Explain EDU can be used to present PowerPoint slides and record your voice simultaneously. This option, however, requires you to purchase the Explain EDU app. This app is also nice for making online instruction videos or lectures if you later decide to present your work to others or teach in an online format.

  • PowerPoint 365: You may also incorporate a video or animation and it is also possible to incorporate your webcam by using PowerPoint 365 edition.

  • Another useful tool to record your presentation is Loom. It lets you record a screencast with voiceover and your face. It’s quite easy to turn a PPT into a fine presentation video; consider checking this out.

  • Of course, you can use the recording tool of your preference.

Suggested Video Compression Tools:


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