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This page contains instructions for getting access to the online conference platform gCon, which will host the IROS 2021 conference.

Important: Registration for IROS 2021 is a necessary condition for gCon account activation. Please send us the request to activate your account only once you have registered and completed your payment. If you have registered recently (one or two days prior to your account activation request), we recommend attaching the proof of payment to your e-mail to speed up the account activation process. Requests to activate the account prior to registration cannot be accommodated.

Due to an IEEE requirement, we are obliged to collect signed IEEE Release and Consent form (RaC) from all presenting participants that did NOT submit the IEEE Copyright Form (eCF) for IROS 2021.

Please proceed based on which of the cases below applies to you. Note that if you are an author of multiple contributions (including e.g. an active participation in workshops), case A applies to you only if you submitted eCF for all of your contributions. If you are not sure which case applies to you, please contact us at

  1. Authors that signed eCF for IROS 2021 through PaperPlaza, i.e., IROS contributed papers and RA-L+IROS papers that were rejected from RA-L: you do not need to fill out RaC and you can start using the gCon online conference platform directly. Please follow the instructions.

  2. Authors of RA-L+IROS papers accepted by RA-L, authors of T-RO and RAM papers, active participants (i.e., participants with a presentation/poster) of workshops, tutorials, forums, late breaking results, and other parts of the conference program: you need to fill out RaC (DOC, PDF), sign it and send to Please send it from the same e-mail address you used for the conference registration.

  3. Participants without a paper, audience of workshops, tutorials, forums and other parts of the conference program: send an e-mail with the subject “IEEE Release and Consent - not needed” to Please send it from the same e-mail address you used for the conference registration and include your name in the message body.

We will do our best to activate your gCon account within one working day.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

IROS 2021 Team

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