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Black in Robotics promotes diversity in Robotics! We are pleased to work with IEEE/RSJ IROS!

About this event

BiR is an organization that was born to address the systemic inequities found in our robotics community by focusing on three primary pillars - community, advocacy, and accountability. BiR represents a global network of Black Roboticists, Allies, and Organizational Sponsors contributing to the goal of enhancing diversity, inclusion and equity in robotics. We want to bring the robotics community together around these initiatives!

We are pleased to work with IEEE/RSJ IROS:!

Event Date: 16:30-18:30 CET on October 1, 2021 


This is an open networking event focused on building community through conversation and group interaction. Come join us anytime during the slotted time session.

  1. Opening remarks from BiR leadership around the importance of diversity in robotics
  2. Breakout rooms for community interaction around diversity, equity, and inclusion

Come join us anytime!

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